Lixit Carrier Cage Crock (for wire crates)

Chloe and her Lixit crate bowl

I found this crate bowl at Petco, and I like it because it came in a small (10 oz.) size (it also comes in a 20 oz. size), it was inexpensive, and it fastens easily and solidly to a wire crate. The bowl fits onto a notch in the holder and you turn the bowl to secure it — simple, straightforward, and impossible (or at least hard!) to dislodge. I suppose that a bored or motivated dog could chew on the exposed base, if the bowl weren’t in place, but Chloe has never shown any interest in doing so.

The only problem with this bowl — and I only thought of it on the way home, after I’d made my purchase — is that it’s plastic. Some dogs are allergic to plastic bowls (our cats certainly were), so if I’d been thinking, I would have passed this bowl up. As it is, I plan to use it as Chloe’s travel crate bowl. I’ll pack it in her suitcase, and it’ll be the crate bowl she uses when we’re on the road. I’ll keep an eye on her, though, and if it looks like she’s developing an allergy, I’ll replace it with a stainless steel crate bowl.

Please note that Lixit also makes a crate bowl for soft-sided crates. I have not tried that product out, but would like to know what you think of it!

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