Dog Whisperer Soft-Sided Carrier

Best suited for: Over the shoulder carrier
Also works for: Car carrier
Quality: ★★★★
Price: $$$$
Overall rating: ★★★★

This is a surprisingly well-made and appealing carrier, but I can’t recommend it. Here’s what I liked: It’s sturdily-constructed of heavyweight material, and the zippers are solid and function well. The mesh panels are of good-quality mesh, and they’re huge — no problem with ventilation in this carrier. The zipper runs all the way around the front sides and top panel, so that when the bag is completely unzipped, it can function as a comfortable travel bed.

Here’s what I didn’t like: This carrier does not allow you to see your dog from above, which is the view you’ll most often have of her as you’re traveling. Please also note that to reach your dog during travel, you’ll have to position the main zipper just so — what looks like an access zipper on the top is really just a pocket in the carrier’s lid. The deal breaker for me, though, is that this carrier (20Lx11Wx11H) is simply too large to work as an in-cabin carrier. It’s much larger than the official U.S. airline maximums, but even if you’re willing to push those limits, in my experience, 19 inches is as wide as a carrier can be and still fit under an airplane seat.

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Dog Whisperer Brown & Blue Soft Side Dog Carrier

3 thoughts on “Dog Whisperer Soft-Sided Carrier”

  1. –The metal stays eventually poke their way through the fabric and have scratched my dog, my car upholstery, and me. Need to rethink that with maybe a metal ball welded to the ends that won’t poke through and won’t draw blood.
    –The blue color show dirt easily. The brown is good, but baby blue? Give it a road test first.
    –I like the removable/washable pad. Came in handy quite a few times. I like how the side zips all the way down so it easily converts into a bed. I can take my dog to work and he sleeps there.
    –Wish it had some more storage. If the top is blocked off, why not give more storage there?

  2. Thanks so much for your comment, Anna — it’s stuff like this, from people who have owned and used the bag for a long time, that’s really helpful for other readers.

  3. Got two of these for our cats and have been trying to get more. The only problem we’ve found is the deceptive zip on the top, other than that they’re perfect – the large zipped area means it’s easy to get a cat inside, rather than having the squeeze them through a single side, and the padded bed means it can be used indoors as a regular bed.

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