Doggles “Hemp Dog Carrier”

Best suited for: Over the shoulder carrier
Also works for: Stealth transport, people avoiding puppy bling
Quality: ★★★★
Price: $$$$
Overall rating: ★★★★

Photo by Doggles
Photo by Doggles

This carrier is made of hemp, which will please the environmentalist in you, and it’s well-constructed. The entire top is a mesh panel (with UV protection), and there are mesh panels on each end. The bottom has some rigidity and a fleece pad, so your dog has something stable (and comfortable) to rest on. There are a couple of useful pockets, a water-bottle pocket on one end, and a lanyard inside to clip to your dog’s collar or harness. The shoulder strap is sturdy and the ends swivel, so it’s easy to sling across your chest like a messenger bag.

The carrier is dark brown and natural, with black trim. It’s really a handsome carrier — and fairly stealthy, too. It comes in two sizes: Small (about 8″ tall, 11″x5″ at the bottom, about 14″ wide at the top opening) and Large (about 12″ tall, 14″x6″ at the bottom, about 18″ wide at the top opening). The Small size will fit toy breeds; the Large will fit a dog up to Chloe’s size but no bigger — say 11 lbs. or under. [Please note reader Dave’s report, in the comments below, that the measurements you see on line are not accurate — the ones I have provided match the actual products. Thanks, Dave, for the research!]

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Doggles Dog Carrier Hemp Messenger Bag

3 thoughts on “Doggles “Hemp Dog Carrier””

  1. Considering this bag to carry a 25lb puggle through the airport. (He is a certified ESA, so doesn’t need a bag on the plane, but still needs to get to and from the gate.)

    The listing at Baxter Boo has significantly different dimensions for the large size than what you have listed in the review:
    14″Lx6″Wx12″H max weight about 11lbs (your review)
    20″Lx7.5″Wx16″H max weight about 25 lbs (Baxter Boo)

    Baxter Boo’s listing is at

    There is enough difference between the two sets of dimensions that they almost seem like different sizes! Is it possible Doggles changed its sizing since 2009?

  2. We ended up calling the folks at Baxter Boo. They went in to the warehouse and measured the bag. Their measured results agree with yours quite closely. Doggles is providing bad numbers.

    Maybe it’s simply worth noting in your review that your measurements disagree with stated dimensions, but are real.

  3. Oh, for heaven’s sake, Dave — I completely overlooked your very useful comments. Thank you for digging into the issue, and for letting me know the answer! I’ll update the post and refer to your comments.

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