Ferret carrier idea

During the BlogPaws pet bloggers conference, I met the ferret half of the Snotface & Twiggy team, and of course asked about travel carriers for ferrets. Snotface’s owner told me that normal pet carriers don’t work for him — he’s a digger, and he’s figured zippers out — so she’s ¬†modified a lidded plastic hanging file holder, like the kind you’d get at Office Depot, to serve as his carrier. She’s drilled several holes in its sides — big enough for his head to poke out, but not so big that his body can follow — and its sturdy bottom resists digging attempts.

It works well as a car carrier, she says. They haven’t flown yet together, but it seems to me that when they do, they could create a workable in-cabin carrier by modifying a smaller, lidded, plastic storage container in the same way. Places like The Container Store and Michaels and Lowe’s sell tool-box type carriers for craft/hobby/tool storage that might work well — the handle on the lid and the sturdy closure clips would both be useful features.

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