Great Danes and other giant breed dogs: Custom crate for airplane travel

The biggest Midwest and PetMate crates will work up to a point. The biggest Midwest crate is a good crate for daily home use but it’s not an airplane carrier. The Vari-Kennel Series 700 or Sky Kennel Series 700 crates are excellent airplane carriers, but they’re only so large — they’ll accommodate a young giant breed dog, but a full-grown giant breed dog that needs to travel by plane may well require a custom-made crate. Here’s one U.S. company that makes custom crates: Take a look at their page about custom crates — it also includes “crate extension kits,” which add height to PetMate Series 500 and Series 700 crates, if all your dog really needs is a little more headroom.

An owner I met through her blog, Honey The Great Dane, is moving from Auckland, New Zealand to Brisbane, Australia. In a couple of recent blog posts, Hsin-Yi describes taking Honey to a company called Dogtainers Pet Travel Consultants to get measured for her custom crate, and the arrival of the completed crate. Take a look — the pictures alone are worth a visit, but the posts are informative and helpful.

When I asked for more details, here’s what Hsin-Yi told me: “I think the most important thing for giant breed owners if they are moving their pet is to worry less about trying to create the right crate themselves and more about finding reputable, experienced pet transport people who will know how to measure their dogs properly and who will have understand all the IATA regulations and have contacts with builders who can construct the right type of crate. It isn’t just a case of measuring your dog’s height and length – experienced pet transport people will also know how much extra margin you need to allow on top and on the sides, to ensure adequate air circulation and also for the animal to turn around comfortably but not so much space that they will be thrown around in turbulence. I took the time to interview several pet transport companies around Auckland before deciding on Dogtainers.”

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  1. Comfort and safety are always main concerns when traveling, so the right crate is certainly important. And since what appears to be ok to the untrained eye could be wrong, the advice about consulting experts makes alot of sense. Thanks for the advice and the PetRelocation info.

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