Loveabledog “City Chic” carrier (from How’s Your Dog)

Photo by How's Your Dog
Photo by How's Your Dog

Best suited for: Over the shoulder carrier
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Quality: ★★
Price: $$$$
Overall rating: ★★★★

This carrier is available on Amazon, from a vendor called How’s Your Dog, but it appears to be the product of a Chinese company called Loveabledog. I bought it because it looked promising: It’s priced high enough that it should be a good-quality product, and it was advertised as “fully collapsible,” which is interesting in itself but also suggested to me that it might flex enough to fit under an airplane seat. I have to say that I’m disappointed. Unfortunately, it cannot be returned, so I’ll be donating it to my favorite local shelter.

There are some things I like about this carrier. It’s cleverly designed to unzip completely into a long strip with two “ears” that are the side panels. Tuck the ears in, and the whole thing folds up into a compact package for storage. It has two large mesh ventilation panels (the “ears,” again) and another, smaller one at the top of one of the long sides. I’m guessing, but it sure seems like it would be waterproof.

Here’s what I don’t like. The faux leather exterior looks and feels unpleasant, in my opinion. There is a large exterior pocket, but for it to latch closed it needs be holding hardly anything (and nothing bulky). The mesh panels are sturdy enough, but the fabric below them is a thin polyester twill that a dog could easily shred. She’d still have to claw through the exterior faux leather material at that point to escape, but a single layer of that material may not be much of a barrier. There is no way to reach into the carrier from the top — when the carrier is assembled, in fact, access is only through one end. At 17Lx11Wx12H, it’s taller than allowed by all major U.S. airlines, and it does not flex like a SturdiProducts or Sherpa carrier. Since it’s wider than it is tall, turning it on its side won’t help.

It also won’t work as a car carrier, since it doesn’t include loops to pass a seat belt through. Since there are no mesh openings at eye height on the long sides, moreover, your dog could only see out the ends, which sounds like a recipe for carsickness to me.

For this price, you can do a lot better.

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