Marchioro “Ithaka Clipper 6” crate

Photo by Marchioro
Photo by Marchioro

Best suited for: Everyday crate
Also works for: Cargo-area airplane carrier
Quality: ★★★★
Price: $$$$
Overall rating: ★★★★

I bought this crate (26.75Hx36.5Lx25.5W) in desperation — Chloe had just clawed through the corner of her Creature Leisure Den and I needed a crate for her that very day. I couldn’t find a Vari-Kennel crate in the three pet stores I went to, so in the last one I bought this crate instead. I’ve regretted it ever since, because the door fits poorly in its opening and the door latch is balky and hard to line up with its upper and lower slots. It’s a struggle to open and close the door, and I do that enough times in a day that it vexes me. And it’s not as though I saved money, either — the Clipper 6 is more expensive than the comparable Vari-Kennel Ultra Model 21533.

The manufacturer states that the Clipper 6 is approved for use as an airline crate, and I have to believe them. The plastic body, however, feels flimsier than a Vari-Kennel crate. Learn from my mistake, and take the time to find a Vari-Kennel. We’ve used them for over ten years for our cats, and love the quality construction.

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TopDawg Pet Supply Marchioro:Clipper Ithaka 6 2 – tone

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