Midwest “i-Crate” Folding Crate

Photo by Midwest

Best suited for: Everyday crate
Also works for: Hotel or vacation rental crate
Quality: ★★★★
Price: $$$$
Overall rating: ★★★★

This is the crate I should have bought when I first brought Chloe home. I’ve ended up with it, after a variety of collapsible fabric crates, a Marchioro “Ithaka Clipper 6” crate, and a Sky Kennel crate, but I wish I’d started here.

First things first: I bought the iCrate Single Door Folding Crate, Model 1530 (which is the size Medium, at 30Lx19wx21H). Chloe could fit in the next smaller size, but for her everyday crate I like her to have lots of room. I also bought a crate cover, because it will help protect her from the sun (if summer ever returns to Seattle), and without it, she’s really exposed — with it, the crate is more den-like. I bought both items from Fetch Dog, since the crate cover that Midwest sells has its good points (I like the quilted bumpers) but the Fetch Dog cover allows you to roll up one or more sides if you wish.

Here’s what I like about the iCrate: It’s fairly easy to assemble and disassemble, Chloe cannot scrape her way out of it, and the latch (the model I bought only has one) works smoothly and opens/closes without effort.

Here’s what I don’t like: The top panel just catches closed on the front and back panels — add any weight, and it un-catches. That means that our cats can’t sleep on top of the crate, and that I can’t rest Chloe’s heavy tote of gear on top either.  I should mention, though, that my parents own iCrate Model 1536, which is the next size larger and also has two latches rather than one. We’ve used it for Chloe when we visit, and its top seemed sturdier than ours. We had no problem stacking stuff on top.

That’s a pretty mild gripe, though. On balance, I’m delighted with this crate, and Chloe seems to like it too. Please note that it is also available with two or even three doors, so if your home kennel set-up would work better with a door that opens on the long side, for example, that option is available.

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Midwest Metal I-Crate Single Door 30in x 19in x 21in