Pet Gear “I Go2” line of pet carriers

Best suited for: In-cabin airplane carrier (Weekender, Traveler, Escort, Day Tripper, Sport only)
Also works for: Car carrier, over the shoulder carrier
Quality: Unknown
Price: $$$$
Overall rating: ★★★★

Pet Gear offers a line of I GO2 rolling carriers that convert to backpacks. The bags all have straps on the back through which a safety belt can be fastened, so they will work as car carriers too. The manufacturer would like you to unzip the main window and regard the carrier as a car seat as well, but in that case only the small lanyard (it clips on to your dog’s collar to keep her from jumping out of the carrier) will restrain your dog in an accident, and it’s just not strong enough for that purpose. If you use the bags as car carriers, keep them closed.

Although the carriers look promising online, I can’t tell you about their quality. The Pet Gear customer service rep I swapped e-mails with never provided me with the names of local distributors, and I’m unwilling to buy one and pay for shipping both ways if it doesn’t work for Chloe. Let me know what you think of yours!

The Weekender, at 13Hx17Lx10W (I write the measurements that way, because the bag will be on its back under a seat), is pretty close to the airlines’ maximums. I worry about the 13″ height of the bag, since this particular product is made of less flexible material than other Pet Gear carriers, but several Amazon purchasers reported that it worked fine as an airplane carrier. It’s too small for Chloe, but would likely do well for a dog under 10 lbs. Please note that all of these bags include a pad to cushion your dog from the handle apparatus, so she’ll be okay even though she’s resting on the back of the bag during flight.

The Traveler, at 11.5Hx17Lx13W, is a bit roomier, but still within eyesight of the airlines’ limits; the Escort (9Hx17Lx16W) provides a different configuration and is also an oversized but workable in-cabin airplane carrier; the Traveler Plus (14.5Hx22Lx17W) is just too big for airplane use.

The Day Tripper and Sport carrier are both 8Hx17.5Lx12W, so they’re pretty close to the airlines’ maximums — and will only work for the tiny breeds.

8 thoughts on “Pet Gear “I Go2” line of pet carriers”

  1. What would you say the weight max for the Traveler and Escort are? I have a 4.5 kilo shih-tzu.

  2. Hi, Sunday! A 10 lb. dog would be fine in both of those carriers — I wouldn’t be thrilled about wedging Chloe into either, but she’s 3 lbs. heavier, and that makes a big difference.

  3. Of the two, the Traveler looks better to me — I like the configuration better, because it gives your dog more height when it’s lying on its back under your airplane seat.

  4. I have an I GO2 Escort model and I’m not very happy with it.

    The Velcro-closure pockets don’t stay closed, and they have no gussets so they hold very little. The pull tab on the main zipper came off almost immediately, then the zipper started to pull apart. Luckily my dog hasn’t noticed that if he pushes on the zipper, he could escape.

    Also, the single-pole configuration combined with the width of the model with the zip-out extensions makes it very unstable – if the dog moves inside, it tips.

    The Snoozer model I had appeared more comfortable for the dog, too. The padded part is where it’s needed during flight – on the bottom when it’s positioned under the seat. The Escort has the padding on the bottom when it’s upright for wheeling. It really needs to be padded in both places.

    I use it with a 13-pound Papillon for flying on Southwest. It fits well under the seats, turned sideways.

  5. Thanks so much for your comment, Rebecca — like I say, I haven’t field-tested this line of products myself, so I’m really grateful to hear from someone who has!

  6. I will be flying for the first time with my 15 lbs Jack Russel. I am looking for a carrier to fit him. wheeled would be great but I am worried it won’t fit under the seat. He is a diabetic so vents or mesh sides are a plus so he does not get hot or nervous. I wll be flying allegient. Any suggestions?

  7. Hello, sgtmel! Your pup, like mine, is on the larger side of what works in-cabin, so, sadly, I wouldn’t go for a wheeled carrier (the wheels and related apparatus tend to make the available space for your dog smaller). I’d go with the large SturdiBag, which is the one Chloe and I use most often — and Chloe, like your pup, is on the larger side. It goes over your shoulder, but ways to add wheels include the solutions mentioned in this post: And please note that your airline may allow you to bring a pet carrier in-cabin IN ADDITION TO your carry-on (not all do, check the chart in the link in the post I sent you). If so, you can use your carry-on’s wheels for most of your airport time.

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