PetEgo “Contour Messenger Bag”

photo-3Best suited for: Stealth transport
Also works for: People avoiding puppy bling
Quality: ★★★★
Price: $$$$
Overall rating: ★★★★

Chloe’s messenger bag, the PetEgo Contour Messenger Black Label Bag, is a great stealth carrier. It comes in two sizes: Small (10.5Hx14Lx8W) and Large (13Hx20Lx10W). It also comes in a sporty orange-and-grey color combination, but I think the all-black option looks more like an computer bag and doesn’t highlight the mesh ventilation panels.

It has many good features, but the ones I care most about are the mesh “tower” and a small, zipped hatch in the top panel. The tower can be raised solidly into place with a couple of interior struts, or it can be left unsupported so your dog can push it up with her head when she wants to. When she’s done gazing and lies down, the top lowers again, returning the bag to its normal shape. The hatch in the top panel allows her to stick just her head out of the bag, or allows you to stick just your hand in to pat her.

Other nice features are the removable pad that lines the bottom of the bag and the poop bag dispenser built into the tiny pocket on the front of the bag. An overarching nice feature is that the bag is very well made (which it should be, at that price). After using it heavily for several months, the welting at the seams is beginning to show some wear, but the rest of the bag looks untouched. If it weren’t for that seam wear, this would be a solid 5-star review.

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Contour Messenger Bag Black Label Pet Carrier

6 thoughts on “PetEgo “Contour Messenger Bag””

  1. Hi! I just bought this carrier on your recommendation for my Lhasa and it looks great BUT am I supposed the put her in it through the little opening on the top that her head peaks out of? Or is there a body-sized opening that I am not finding?

  2. Hi, Karen! I’m so glad you took the plunge — this is a great bag for Chloe, and I hope it’s a hit for your pup too. There are two openings — the small hole that Chloe’s head is sticking out of in the picture, and just below it, a pair of zippers that opens a larger hole (just below the half-circle of silver/reflective trim, in the picture above). That second opening isn’t vast, but it’s enough for Chloe to slip into, and certainly bigger than the tiny head hatch at the very top. Hope that helps — let me know what you and your dog think of it, once you’ve tried it out!

  3. I didn’t see the double zipper the first time! So I put her inside and I think she kinda digs it! I think it’s cause she is right up against me, unlike the Sturdibag (which she’ll be taking her first flight in next month!) I have to admit she is a heavy load on my shoulders (she’s 12 lbs.) but maybe I’ll get used to it like you have. I definitely think it will prove to be useful in our travels. Thanks again!

  4. Yay!! I’m so pleased. I hope your shoulder holds out — it’s a heavy load, but I only use her messenger bag for short distances (I use a backpack for longer outings). Good wishes to you both!

  5. The PetEgo web site describes this product as an “airline approved carrier,” but you don’t list it as such and do not mention using it as an in-cabin pet carrier. Have you flow with Chloe in this bag? If so, how did it work? If not, do you not view it as suitable for an in-flight bag? I am looking for something for a 13 pound gal — considering the Sturdibag, Sleepypod, or the PetEgo. Would love to hear your opinion. Thanks for the great service you provide!

  6. Hello, Kimberly! I am so sorry for my crazy delay in responding. Of the three you mention, the SturdiBag and the Sleepypod (do you mean the Mini or the Air?) are meant for plane use (the Sleepypod Mini is also meant for everyday use), and the PetEgo messenger bag really isn’t. Its configuration means it would have to lie on its back to fit under a seat, meaning your pup would only have about 7-8″ of head room at best, slanting sharply to even less than that — it’s just not the best use of the kind of space that’s available under a plane seat. The large SturdiBag is Chloe’s go-to bag (she’s 13 lbs, and about 12″ tall at the shoulders). She has fit in a Sleepypod Air, but at 10″ tall, it’s a little short for her. The Sleepypod Mini is the only original Sleepypod that fits under an airplane seat, and it’s really meant for tiny, tiny dogs, so it wouldn’t work for your girl or mine. Hope this helps, and please forgive!

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