PetEgo “Jet Set Carrier”

Best suited for: In-cabin airplane carrier (Small and Medium sizes only), motorbike carrier
Also works for: Over the shoulder carrier, short-term backpack, car carrier
Quality: ★★★★
Price: $$$$
Overall rating: ★★★★

PetEgo’s Jet Set Carrier, in the Small and Medium sizes, is well worth considering as an in-cabin carrier. The Small is 9.8Hx17.7Lx9W and the Medium is 10.6Hx19.7Lx9.8W — both are officially larger than the airlines’ maximum sizes, but they’re close enough that they’ll work, especially since they’re soft-sided and fairly flexible. The Large size (11.8Hx21.7Lx10.6W) is too long to work as an in-cabin carrier.

It’s a well-made, well-designed product, with nice features like built-in shoulder straps (so it can be carried as a backpack) and built-in clips that allow a long strap (provided) to be wound around a car’s headrest and buckled to the bag (so it can be used safely as a car carrier). It has some good-sized mesh ventilation panels, and a privacy panel on its main opening.

The Jet Set Carrier can also be bought as part of a JS Travel Kit that includes two small suitcases (one rolling). I can’t get enthused about that option, because the suitcases seem small and fussy to me (and at least one of them would have to be checked), and would provide me with wheels only at the point I no longer really need them (I need them on layovers, to get out to pet relief areas, not at the end of my trip, when I can loop Chloe’s carrier ’s handles over my own suitcase’s handle).

The carrier can also (with a couple of accessories) clamp on to your bike or motorbike and serve as a bike carrier. Unfortunately, although it will keep your dog contained and safe, her only view will be to the sides through mesh panels, so it’s less than ideal as a bike carrier. As a motorbike carrier, I like it — the coverage from the carrier will protect her from wind and debris.

Amazon links:
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2 thoughts on “PetEgo “Jet Set Carrier””

  1. I have just purchased the Jet Set Carrier and I agree with the review except for one thing.

    I cannot find “built in seat belt loops”. It came with two long straps and no directions as to how to install it in the car.

    Can you help?

  2. Hello, Jo — Thanks so much for your comment. I just spoke with PetEgo’s customer service rep, and he told me that even they don’t have instructions for using the carrier’s car strap. He did point me, however, to a picture of the carrier in place in a car — one of the thumbnail pictures for the Jet Set BL carrier:

    As you’ll see, the strap snaps into the two clips on one of the long sides of the carrier, and loops around your car’s headrest. That is a different attachment system than I thought, so I’ll be changing my description accordingly. Thank you so much for your inquiry — it’s helped me understand this carrier better.

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