PetEgo “Pod iLove”

Best suited for: Permanent bed, travel bed, car carrier, bike carrier
Also works for: Over the shoulder carrier, stroller (with Quadro Stroller frame)
Quality: ★★★★
Price: $$$$
Overall rating: ★★★★

Photo by PetEgo
Photo by PetEgo

There’s a lot to love about PetEgo’s Pod iLove, a round, domed carrier for the smallest pets. As always with PetEgo products, it’s sturdy and well-designed. Like the Sleepypod, it converts from your pet’s bed to a car carrier, but it also converts to a bike carrier and can be carried conveniently over your shoulder (unlike the Sleepypod, it has a contoured side that fits nicely against your body). PetEgo will also sell you the Quadro Stroller, which can hold two Pod iLove carriers.

The Pod iLove is a pretty good bike carrier, in fact, since the domed top allows your dog a good view out the front while also providing her with some shelter from the sun. It is not, however, a workable in-cabin airplane carrier, because it’s too tall (15Hx15Lx15W).

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Pod iLove Dog Carrier

One thought on “PetEgo “Pod iLove””

  1. I bought this for my siamese cat. He loves the thing so much he’d rather sleep in it than with us. The inside is plush and roomy and has a leash attachment. The top zips off completely for use as a bed, but we leave the top on because it’s easier and my cat doesn’t mind. I was originally looking to buy the SleepyPod, but this one appealed to me because of the price and the ergonomics. It’s pretty big, but the contoured side makes it easy to carry. The quality is top notch and PetEgo’s customer service is superb. They use good sturdy materials designed to last. I’ve had it for a year now and I can expect it to last for years and years to come.

    I have not tried out the bike or stroller attachment yet, but the versatility is brilliant. What a great design!

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