Petmate “Vari-Kennel” Classic Models 21100 and 21700

Photo by Petmate

Best suited for: Cargo-area airplane carrier, everyday crate
Also works for:
Quality: ★★★★
Price: $$$$
Overall rating: ★★★★

We have had two of these crates for over ten years. They’re now on their second generation of cats, and they work and look as well as they did when we bought them (okay, they’re a little scuffed in places, and they have cargo stickers on them, but they’re essentially the same).

Model 21100 is the Small size (15Hx21Lx16W) in “bleached linen.” It’s a good size for all of our cats, who range from about 12 lbs. up to 16 lbs. Chloe fits in it too, and it would be a good airplane crate for a small dog if, for some reason, you could not carry your dog in cabin with you. This classic crate also comes in a Giant size (Model 21700), measuring 35Hx48Lx32W and designed for dogs up to 33″ tall.

I haven’t seen all the different kinds of Vari-Kennel crates, but I can whole-heartedly recommend this one. The plastic walls are thick and sturdy, and the door and door latch fit well and are easy to open with one hand. The Small size has a carrying handle in the middle of the lid. Both carriers meet the IATA’s container requirements for cargo-area airline use.

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