Precision Pet Products “Bone Voyage Pup Tent”

Photo by Precision Pet Products

Best suited for: Temporary crate or occasional use
Also works for: Car carrier
Quality: ★★
Price: $$$$
Overall rating: ★★★★

I bought this crate because its price was slashed almost to nothing in the offer I found, so I had low expectations for it. We’ve been pretty pleased with it, though — it has several nice features, and if your dog is calm and not prone to scratching, this will be a useful product for you. It comes in five sizes, ranging from Extra Small (10Hx12Lx10W) to Large (28Hx36Lx23W).

Here’s what we like: The crate collapses and sets up easily, it has good visibility out of its mesh panels, it has two doors (on the front and on one of the long sides), and all of its mesh panels are accompanied with privacy flaps that can be rolled up or down as need be. There is a built-in clip that catches the door zipper, and there is a Velcro catch for the mesh doors, so that you can flip them up and have them stay out of the way when your dog is entering or exiting. There are loops at each of the lower corners, so it can be secured to the trunk of a minivan or SUV. There’s a convenient handle on top.

Things we don’t like? It’s rickety, and an active dog who wants to escape could easily tip it over. The mesh is pretty sturdy, but the holes are large (giving nails a good place to start) and a motivated dog wouldn’t take long to get through one of the panels. The zipper clip is great, but even Chloe, who’s a small dog and uses the crate only for sleeping, managed to pull the clip off its lanyard one morning when her needs were particularly urgent (happily, the clip snaps right back into its lanyard).

The crate works for Chloe because she only uses it at nighttime and, by some miracle, she’s really mellow in it. It would never work for her everyday crate — for that she has a plastic-sided crate with a wire door.

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