Roof Box Company “DogBag”

Best suited for: Car travel
Also works for: Beach, picnic cabana
Quality: ★★★★
Price: $$$$
Overall rating: ★★★★

The first crate we bought was The Roof Box Company’s DogBag. The DogBag folds up (with a complicated maneuver akin to the one you may already be using on your car windshield sunscreen) and fits into a normal-sized backpack (provided by Roof Box). It has plenty of mesh netting so your dog has good ventilation and fairly good visibility. You need to supply your own floor padding (Roof Box’s Quilted Liner is thin, and pretty pricey).

It has numerous straps and tie-downs meant to stabilize it on the back seat or in the trunk of a car, so it works as a safe car carrier. Roof Box also sells an “open air kit” that includes a sun shade and 4 pegs, making the crate useful for picnicking, or as a beach hut. (Roof Box suggest that you use it as a camping tent for your dog, but I think it’s wiser all around for a dog to share your tent when camping.)

My only gripe with the DogBag is that the piece of solid fabric that flops down when the front door is zipped open (the flap is meant to cover and protect your rear bumper from a muddy dog jumping into your car’s trunk) covers the front of the crate when it’s zipped closed. A dog lying down inside can see out low mesh panels on the sides and back, but not out the front.

Please note that the DogBag comes in a wide range of sizes, from Extra Small (nearly an 18″ cube) to Large (nearly a 35″ cube). We got the medium size, which turns out to be more than a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel needs — the small size would have been sufficient.

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