Sherpa “All in One Backpack”

photo-14Best suited for: In-cabin airplane carrier
Also works for: Over the shoulder carrier, backpack
Quality: ★★
Price: $$$$
Overall rating: ★★★★

“All in One” refers to the designers’ suggestion that this carrier can function as a purse, a shoulder bag or a backpack. It comes in one size (12Hx17Lx9W) but four color options. It has a faux sheepskin liner, large mesh ventilation panels, and a couple of good-sized pockets (and another small one). It has only a D-ring inside, not a clip on a lanyard to clip your dog to. The shoulder straps/backpack straps are wide, unpadded woven cotton bands. They’ll work in a pinch as backpack straps, but they’re not comfortable. The waist strap is a complete mystery to me — not clear where it clips on the carrier, and awkward to use.

It’s a useful carrier, and is within shouting distance of the airlines’ maximum sizes for in-cabin use. I can’t love it because the materials are chintzy — the straps are uncomfortable, the body of the bag is this odd plastic-y fabric with fake leather trim, and the zippers are balky.

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All-In-One Backpack Carry On Pet Carrier

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