Sherpa “Sport Wheels Pet Carrier”

Photo by Sherpa
Photo by Sherpa

Best suited for: Wheeled transport
Also works for: Backpack
Quality: ★★★
Price: $$$$
Overall rating: ★★★★

This is a fairly well-made product, and part of the attractive Sherpa Sport product line, but I can’t understand why someone would need it. It includes a padded and ventilated compartment for your dog, and a storage compartment above for, presumably, toys, treats, etc. It has a (fairly rickety) extendible handle and can be wheeled around; it also has (acceptably comfortable) backpack straps and a pad that can be flipped to cover the wheels for backpacking comfort. However, at 17.75Lx9.5Wx22.25H, it’s much, much too large for in-cabin airline use. If you’re traveling by car, why would you want the storage compartment on top? (The carrier, moreover, doesn’t have an obvious place for a seatbelt to secure it.) If you’re just backpacking, ditto. Same thing if you’re just wheeling your dog around town. In any of those situations, all you need is a couple of small pockets, not a large storage area. Something else I don’t understand (and this is a relatively minor gripe): Why does the storage compartment have Velcro strips along the sides, allowing the storage platform to be separated from the sides of the carrier? The ends are secured, so it’s not a matter of giving your dog the option of having more room.

I just don’t “get” this carrier. When, oh when, will Sherpa’s designers learn to call me first?

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