Sherpa “Tote Around Town”

photo-16Best suited for: Over the shoulder carrier, stealth transport
Also works for: In-cabin airplane carrier (with warning, see below)
Quality: ★★★
Price: $$$$
Overall rating: ★★★★

This is one of the better Sherpa bags I’ve seen. I still don’t love the fabric or the fake leather, but the overall effect is attractive and practical. It comes in two sizes: Small (10Hx15Lx7.5W) and Medium (13Hx17Lx8W). I saw it in black; it also comes in pink and brown, and a couple of tweed patterns. It has a nice faux sheepskin pad inside — I always like Sherpa’s pads. However, that’s where I stop throwing the bouquets. My main gripe with this bag is that it only has two small mesh ventilation panels, positioned low on either short end. They’re probably meant to make the bag stealthy, but they’re pretty darned small. A dog in a black bag, especially, needs lots of ventilation and these panels don’t cut it for me.

It could function as an in-cabin airplane bag except that both sizes are a little too tall — so either the bag would have to lie on its side (and the sides are not padded), or you’d have to squash the top down. It’s doable, but your pet will have even less room than she started out with.

Amazon links:
Sherpa Tote-Around-Town Pet Carrier (Small) – Pink
Sherpa Tote-Around-Town (Medium) – Black

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