“Sleepypod” and “Sleepypod Mini”

Best suited for: Permanent bed, travel bed, car carrier
Also works for: In-cabin airplane carrier (Mini only), over the shoulder carrier
Quality: ★★★★
Price: $$$$
Overall rating: ★★★★

Photo by Sleepypod
Photo by Sleepypod

Sleepypod’s carriers charm me. They come in two sizes (regular, and the Sleepypod Mini), and they’re designed to address several needs at once. The base can be used as your dog’s everyday bed; add the mesh dome, and the bed is ready for car travel (pass the seatbelt around the base and through the top handle) and, potentially, air travel.

Both sizes of Sleepypod exceed the airlines’ height allowances (the regular is 13.5″ high; the Mini is 11″ high), and I fear that the 17″ diameter of the regular size would allow too much of the carrier into the area that flight attendants yearn to keep clear. The Mini, however, would likely work as an airplane carrier: the mesh dome is flexible, and it’s a more modest 13″ in diameter.

Remember to subtract a couple of inches for padding when you eye your dog; she’ll need to fit in an interior space measuring 9″ high, 11″ diameter (Mini) or 11.5″ high, 15″ diameter. That’s a little snug for Chloe, but a dog under, say, 11 lbs. should fit into one or the other of the carriers.

They are very well made, and they come with thoughtful accessories, including a round warming pad that slips into the bed of the Sleepypod and comes with a normal plug and a 12V car adaptor. Sounds over the top, I know, but an older dog or cat, or a dog with very short fur, will love that feature.

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