Snoozer “Pet Bicycle Basket”

Photo by Snoozer
Photo by Snoozer

Best suited for: Bike carrier
Also works for:
Quality: ★★★★
Price: $$$$
Overall rating: ★

Snoozer, the maker of Chloe’s beloved Lookout car seat, makes three bike carriers. The Pet Bicycle Basket is a padded basket with optional rain cover that hangs from the front of your bike. It holds a water bottle and has a couple of useful exterior pockets. It measures 10Hx13Lx10W, so it’s meant for a very small dog (under 10 lbs.). Too small for Chloe, but otherwise no complaints — it’s a good-quality carrier, like all the other Snoozer products I’ve seen.

It attaches to your bike’s handlebars with two nylon straps, rather than a permanent mounting bracket, so you could pack this carrier (it folds flat for storage) and use it when you’re traveling, on rented bicycles.

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Snoozer Dog Bike Basket – Gray

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