Snoozer “Pet Rider Bicycle Seat Lookout”

Photo by Snoozer
Photo by Snoozer

Best suited for: Bike carrier
Also works for:
Quality: ★★★★
Price: $$$$
Overall rating: ★

Snoozer’s Pet Rider Bicycle Seat Lookout is a padded platform that straps onto the back of your bike. It’s large enough (10Hx18.5Lx16W) to fit a larger small dog — Chloe, for example, would fit comfortably in this carrier — or even two very small dogs. It’s fleece-lined and comfortable, and it has a leash clip to secure to your dog’s harness. However, I don’t like this carrier for two reasons: It positions your dog behind you, where you can’t see her, and it’s an exposed platform — there’s no way to rig up a sun shade for your dog.

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Snoozer Pet Rider Bicycle Dog Seat – Black

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