Snoozer “Roll Around Travel Pet Carrier”

Photo by Snoozer
Photo by Snoozer

Best suited for: In-cabin airplane carrier (Small size only)
Also works for: Backpack, car carrier, travel bed
Quality: ★★★
Price: $$$$
Overall rating: ★★★★★

I’m always excited about a rolling pet carrier, and this one has some nice features. It also converts to a backpack, it has lots of mesh ventilation panels (though no privacy panels), and it has straps through which a car’s seatbelt can be fastened. It has a couple of good-sized pockets on either side, and it’s well-padded on the side that will rest on the floor of an airplane cabin (which is also the side that holds the two uncomfortable channels for the telescoping handle).

That said, only the Small size (8Hx17.5Lx12W) will work as an in-cabin airplane carrier. The Medium (11Hx20Lx14W) and Large (12.25Hx23Lx15.5W) sizes are both too long to work as in-cabin carriers — they’re way over the airlines’ maximum sizes, and the carrier frame is rigid in the length dimension, so there’s no wiggle room. The Small size would work, but only for the smallest pets — the manufacturer recommends it for pets less than 7 lbs.

[8/14/11 I just took a JetBlue flight next to a family that was using two Snoozer Roll Around Carriers to transport their two Boston Terriers. They had them in medium-sized Roll Arounds, and as you can see in this picture, the top of the carrier stuck way out. They had them under their two children’s feet, so comfort wasn’t an issue, but I can’t think why the flight attendants didn’t fuss.]

Amazon links:
Snoozer Roll Around (Small) – Black
Snoozer Roll Around (Medium) – Black
Snoozer Roll Around (Large) – Black

3 thoughts on “Snoozer “Roll Around Travel Pet Carrier””

  1. Hi,
    I followed your blog for a while, because I have two dogs (a chihuahua and a mix) and travel often with them. I’m from Venice.
    I love your blog, so much interesting! I’m often also in paris and I’m going to see the dog shops you mentioned 🙂

    I read ALL the posts thats concerns backpacks/trolley as carriers for dogs and can’t make up my mind: what have I to buy?
    Can you give me an advice?

    I like the snoozer all around, but I’m not sure.
    I need a backpack/trolley. It must be above all with confortable straps. I’ll use it when dogs need to be in a carrier (like trains or bus here in italy).
    My dogs are 6,7 lb (7,9 inches tall) and a 13.3 lb dog (12,6 inches tall).
    What do you think? Should I ge the snoozer all around? And wich size? medium or large? I don’t want my dogs to be unconfortable but I don’t want to have a too heavy or toobig back pack.
    Thank you very much

  2. I loved the Snoozer carrier for my Papillon, until he grew too big. It was such good quality, it looked new after a year’s use. The light beige fabric showed no soiling at all. I found the U-shaped handle to be much stabler than the single-pole kind.

    I wish they had one just a little smaller than the Medium so it could go on flights. Has anyone used the Medium Snoozer on Southwest flights?

  3. Hi, Erika — I am so sorry to have dropped the ball on your comment! Backpacks and wheeled carriers are tough — I haven’t yet found a wheeled carrier that fits Chloe and at the same time readily fits under an airplane seat. A backpack would probably have the same problem, but I regard backpacks as an around-town option — of the two I own, the Creature Leisure backpack is too bulky for in-cabin use, and the Muttmover isn’t a workable in-cabin carrier (too snug, not enough padding — just not meant for that purpose). But perhaps you don’t care about in-cabin use? Maybe you’re taking the train from Venice to Paris (lucky you!)? In that case, and with two dogs (one of which is a larger small dog, like Chloe), I’d go for the large-sized Snoozer Roll Around. It’ll be big, but with two dogs you’re going to need the room the large size offers. And Snoozer products are nicely made — I think you’ll be happy with what you get.

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