SportPet Designs “Pop Open Pet Carrier”

Chloe in her Pop Open Pet Carrier
Chloe in her Pop Open Pet Carrier

Best suited for: Over the shoulder carrier
Also works for: Car carrier
Quality: ★★★★★
Price: $$$$
Overall rating: ★★★★

I bought this carrier at Target because it was incredibly inexpensive and I’m a sucker for things that fold up into tiny packets. I decided to keep it in the car for emergency use, but today I opened it up to try it out for you.

It unfolds into a carrier that measures 11Hx19Lx10.5W and holds Chloe fairly comfortably. Chloe weighs just over 12 lbs., and I wouldn’t use it for a pet that weighs any more than that — the bottom was sagging even under her weight.

Things we like: It’s incredibly inexpensive, it collapses to a flat rectangle (it should collapse to a small, circular pancake, but see below), it has straps through which a seatbelt can be fastened, there are lots of mesh ventilation panels, and the bottom is not exactly rigid but rigid enough (and therefore supportive enough) for emergency use.

Things we don’t like: It is nearly impossible to get the carrier to coil back into the small circular packet it came in. My husband and I are smart, motivated people who fold up our cars’ similar windshield screens without a second thought, and we were both stumped. We’ve opted to leave it collapsed in its intermediate phase, a flat rectangle. It’s also really flimsy. A motivated pet could be out of it in a heartbeat.

On balance, it’s a great product for its price range and for the purpose I had in mind (emergency use only). I sure wish I could get it back into a small circle, though.

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