SturdiProducts “SturdiTote”

Photo by SturdiProducts
Photo by SturdiProducts

Best suited for: Over the shoulder carrier, in-cabin airplane carrier
Also works for: Car carrier
Quality: ★★★★★
Price: $$$$
Overall rating: ★★★★

I saw one of these in person for the first time yesterday, and it’s a very nice bag. It’s made as well as Chloe’s beloved SturdiBag, but it’s an unusual form factor for a pet carrier — taller than it is wide (13Hx12Lx12W). It has lots of mesh ventilation panels, including one that encircles the bag at just the height your sitting pet’s eyes would be — and your pet would be likely to sit up in a bag of this shape.

Under an airplane seat, the bag’s top would collapse downwards several inches to fit (and it can — the bag is flexible), or you could tip the bag over onto its side and allow your pet a little more room (the sides are padded, so she’d still be comfortable). Either way, this bag is really for only the smallest pets.

Other nice features? It is easier to carry a tall bag — usually carriers are long, and they tend to swing around, but this carrier sticks close to your body. It’s nice that the top is all mesh — when the carrier is at your feet or under an airplane seat, you’ll be able to see into it (unlike Sherpa bags, for example, which have solid fabric tops). There is also a strap through which a seatbelt can be fastened.

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SturdiTote Black Pet Carrier

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