Super Pet “Take Me Home” and “Come Along Carrier”

Photo by Pet Gear
Photo by Pet Gear

Best suited for: Travel crate, in-cabin airplane carrier (check airline restrictions on types of pets allowed onboard)
Also works for:
Quality: ★★★★
Price: $$$$
Overall rating: ★★★★

I just checked these two products out at my local Petco, and I wasn’t very impressed. The “Take Me Home” wire crate (with a plastic base) comes in three sizes: Small (6Hx10Lx5.75W), Medium (7.5Hx13Lx8W) and Large (10.3Hx16.5Lx10.4w). It includes an optional perch for birds, and has a wire handle. Each size can be slipped into a corresponding “Come Along Carrier,” which encloses the crate while providing airflow through mesh panels on each of the long ends. The carrier has a handle and an optional shoulder strap.

Both the crate and the carrier are cheaply constructed. The pets you’re going to transport in these products are light, of course, so that’s not a problem — but neither product is designed to last for a long time or hold up to heavy wear.

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