Teafco Argo “Tally-Ho Wheeled Pet Carrier”

Photo by Teafco
Photo by Teafco

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Teafco’s Argo line of pet carriers is well-designed and beautifully made. That said, I’m just baffled by the Tally-Ho Wheeled Pet Carrier. It’s meant to be both a pet carrier and an overnight bag. Your pet goes in a “roomy pet compartment” on the bottom, and your clothing goes into “a small duffle bag sized compartment” on top. The whole bag is sized to “fit in most airplanes’ overhead compartments.” Um, what?? I can believe that the bag fits in an overhead compartment, but you’re not putting your dog up there. They must mean that when your dog’s not traveling with you , the bag functions like a normal carry-on.

What if your dog is traveling with you? The bag’s overall dimensions are 10Hx20Lx14W. If it’s divided in half between pet space and packing space, the available pet space is by no means “roomy,” and will, in fact, only accommodate the smallest pet. You’re not packing much clothing, either. The point is moot, though, because a bag this size is too big to work as an in-cabin carrier. It exceeds all the airlines’ maximum sizes; most damningly, it’s just too long. Bags over 19″ will not fit under most airline seats. I worry about the height too, since the bag doesn’t flex much. The length alone is a deal-breaker, though.

I also think the mesh ventilation panels are skimpy, though a pet that can fit in such a tiny space would likely be okay with them.

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Teafco Argo Tally-Ho Wheeled Pet Carrier, Black

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