Tutto “Pet on Wheels”

Photo by Tutto
Photo by Tutto

Best suited for: In-cabin airplane carrier (Small size only)
Also works for: Travel bed
Quality: ★★★★
Price: $$$$
Overall rating: ★

This is a rolling carrier that can be collapsed (when not in use) to 3.5″ wide. It comes in three sizes: Small (13Hx17Lx9W), Medium (13Hx20Lx9W), and Large (15Hx22Lx11W). It has large ventilation panels on three sides (the fourth side has a large storage pocket), each with privacy panels. It’s very maneuverable, and it’s strong enough that you can stack your other luggage on top if need be. With the ventilation and privacy panels rolled up on the open long side, this carrier would also work as a small, cozy travel bed at your destination.

Only the Small size will work as an in-cabin airplane carrier — all of the edges are rigid, so there’s no fudging with this one. I can’t think of a reason that I’d want the collapsibility feature of this carrier, but maybe you can.

Amazon links:
Tutto Pet On Wheels (Small)
Tutto Pet On Wheels (Large)

4 thoughts on “Tutto “Pet on Wheels””

  1. I have traveled with my 16 lb pup before with a different carrier but usually my husband carries him. I am traveling alone soon and I knew I wouldn’t be able to carry 17 lbs around my shoulder for any extended period of time so I bought the medium Tutto carrier. On the Tutto site it says the Medium is also “airline approved” and the measurements they gave were almost exactly the measurements of my current carrier so I thought it would be perfect. I just got it, and the wheels add an extra 2.5 inches so it is quite a bit bigger. I am trying to figure out how you’re supposed to flig the carrier on it’s side without upseting the dog in it, and how, in such tight quarters, you’re supposed to get your hand in the carrier to reposition the comfy mat once you do flip the bag over. But the BIGGEST problem is that I have a hard time imagining how to get this thing under the seat. Sure, it will fit under there, but how do you get it under there when the room between the seat and the seat in front of you is so small. The only way to do it is to try and move it under at an angle and this carrier has NO give because of its steel frame. 1/2 too small and you are not getting to your destination. No way to know for sure and it’s not worth it to me to test it. The other problem is that the only pockets on this thing are on the side that the pet ends up laying on during the flight. Very uncomfortable for the dog…not to mention you won’t be able to access the items during flight. Someone didn’t think that part through it all. It’s a useless feature if you intend on flying.

    All in all, I am very disappointed because I have read all the reviews on the handful of wheeled carriers that are supposed to be “airline approved” and this seemed to be the best option…sturdy stackable frame, comfy, smooth gliding without tipping. Unfortunately, the negatives far outweigh the positives and I will have to return it. 🙁

  2. Hi, Rebeca! I really love your comments — they’re thoughtful and detailed. There’s so much that’s appealing about this carrier, but you’re right, even the Medium size is too large to work as an in-cabin carrier (and there’s no way our Chloe would fit in the Small). She reacts pretty well to her carrier being tipped over on its side and to being shoved around a bit while her padding is being adjusted — it’s not ideal, but it works for us. You make an excellent point about the pocket, however — it would have to be emptied before your dog can lie on that panel, and that makes it all but useless.

  3. I purchased the medium Tutto Pets on Wheels for my 16 lb. Brussels Griffon. Lying down, he fits perfectly. Standing up, it’s a bit tight.

    However, we used the carrier for our trip from Baltimore, MD to Louisville, KY this past March to attend our Nationals. I LOVED the easy way this thing wheels along with you. The website isn’t kidding when they show the video of how maneuverable this carrier is. I think it is brilliantly designed, with the ability to collapse and store in a small area, and also to have the “handle” attach and remove so easily.

    I flew on Southwest, and they eyeballed the carrier several times before I boarded my flight in each direction. I had read the various suggestions on the Tutto website, and figured we could do this.

    When I boarded the plane, the only way I could put the carrier under the seat was to remove my dog, unlock the side hinges, and turn the bag on its side and slide it under the seat, while also repositioning the fleece to the side now on the floor. Then, I had to convince my dog to scooch back into the now semi-collapsed carrier! Fortunately, my dog is very highly trained (we were entered in the obedience ring at the National) and he took my word that he would fit back in the carrier!

    Getting off the plane was sort of a reverse of that, and then we had to do it all again coming home.

    I think if we traveled together by air frequently, I would have to look into a different carrier, or figure out a way to streamline the entire process. It was rather cumbersome, once on the plane. Because it was just me and my dog, I did truly appreciate the ease of getting through the airport and parking garage with this wheeled carrier, so I wish there was a fantastic compromise!

  4. What a great comment, Pam! It just goes to show that where there’s a will, there’s a way — I don’t think I have quite your will, but I’m fascinated to learn how you made the medium work. Finding a wheeled carrier for dogs the size of yours and mine is really, really tough.

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