United Pets “Huggy Pet Carrier”

Photo by United Pets
Photo by United Pets

Best suited for: Bling, over the shoulder carrier
Also works for:
Quality: ★★★★
Price: $$$$
Overall rating: ★★★

From the back, this carrier looks like you’re carrying a teddy bear (though one without any features). Your dog faces forward, out the front. The carrier is pure bling, but it’s well-made and well-padded, and includes a sewn-in leash clip for your dog’s collar or harness. It comes in two sizes: Small (16.5Hx12Lx8W) and Large (16.5Hx16Lx8W).

United Pets products, and this one in particular, are a little tricky to find in the U.S. Contact PetEgo, their U.S. agent, to find out how to buy the Huggy carrier.

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