Wagwear “Boat Canvas Carrier”

photo-5Best suited for: Over the shoulder carrier
Also works for: People avoiding puppy bling
Quality: ★★★★★
Price: $$$$
Overall rating: ★★★★★

Wagwear sells beautifully-made dog gear online and in its tiny New York store. Their stuff has the same preppy appeal of the L.L. Bean catalog, but in a higher price range. We bought the “Boat Canvas Carrier,” which comes in a range of colors and reminds me of the L.L. Bean’s canvas totes.

It’s a great carrier, especially for the summertime. It’s well-made and sturdy, with a small side pocket and a rigid bottom for structure. There is a short lanyard sewn in, to clip to your dog’s collar or harness. The top zips closed, and whoever designed it was clever enough to include a wide canvas panel under the zipper, so that your dog’s fur doesn’t get caught.

It comes in two sizes: Small (8.5Hx12Lx 6W) and Large (11Hx15Lx8W). The Large fits Chloe perfectly. Negatives? It’s pretty pricey ($130), and you can really only spot-clean it.

Wagwear also sells a “Boat Canvas Carrier (Hampton Bag),” which is very similar except that that it closes with a cinch buckle and not a zipper, and doesn’t have a side pocket. It costs $104-120 and comes in three sizes: Small (8.5Hx12Lx 6W), Large (11Hx15Lx8W), and Extra Large (15Hx17Lx8W).

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